The Show was much awaited performance of the IMPULSE Contemporary dance From UK season 2 by British Council. They toured across India over the last two weeks and their final performance was at Chennai.

The Black album is one of the finest Hip Hop based contemporary dance show that Chennai has ever witnessed. The choreography was a perfect blend of experimental and freedom of expression based on the Hip hop dance styles. The Dancers connected with audience through their ardent energy level and style.

There were moments you could see the audience were struck by the amazing performance and the uniqueness and creativity of the choreography. The moment the break beats were on every dancer had their solo which was a sparkling routine with perfect illumination.

The best part was the routine performed by a BGirl who fused the Ballet and BBoying. The Bboys and the Bgirl stole the show with their intricate moves and style.

The Choreography was not like any other Hip hop performances. The Artistic director Tony Adigun has given more thought to his choreography and crafted a perfect piece. The choice of Music and the creative lighting had the flawless combination which enhanced the whole performance of the artist.

The performance would have definitely inspired the upcoming choreographers and Dancers from Chennai to step up their game. It was a visual treat to the Chennai audience and Picture perfect Dance Show.

- Phani Kumar

- Artistic Director/DJ

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Juhong KIM: Artistic Director, main vocals, percussion

Howon LEE: Percussion, Chorus

Hyunju OH: Percussion, Chorus

Youngjun KIM: Wind Instrument, Chorus

Taeho KIM: Percussion, Chorus

Korea's award-winning new wave music group Noreum Machi will premiere in India bringing its mix of spectacular percussion, haunting shamanistic chants, and enchanting movement. Founded in 1993, Noreum Machi takes its name from a term used by Korean minstrels to indicate a combination of skill and timing, referring often to players so skilled no one dares follow them.

Critics and audiences have called Noreum Machi a fascinating and future-oriented ensemble because of the way the artists connect with the audience, their obvious pleasure in performing and the emotions they share as they move between tradition and modernity. Noreum Machi artistically transforms traditional Korean music into something that is resoundingly contemporary.

Noreum Machi specialises in virtuoso percussion known as Samul-Nori, which has its origin in shamanism and animism. Samul means 'four objects' and Nori means 'play' and it is performed primarily with four traditional instruments Jang-Gu, Buk, Jing, and Kkwaenggwari. The Jang-Gu represents rain, the Buk clouds, the Jing wind, and the Kkwaenggwari represents thunder storms. The first two also represent the sound of earth, while the second two represent the sound of heaven.

Noreum Machi has performed in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and more

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