• Interview with DJ SU REAL

    June 6-July 21 2015 Share

    DJ Su Real is based out of Delhi making waves across the country with his music. Check out his interview as he speaks about his work and his first break, which lead to his rise as well known DJ in India.

    1. When did you get your first break? Which defined your work and made you a DJ who you are today?

    Well, I've been the lucky recipient of quite a few little breaks in my life and lucky to say I've experienced and accomplished a good amount by my current age of 35! But life goes in phases... In this current phase, when I moved back to New Delhi from New York, I was actually trying to get away from the music industry and explore other areas. But I got sucked back into it when a friend started a little venue in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, called T.L.R in 2009. I started DJ'ing everySaturdayand that helped me build a crowd and make some influential friends who encouraged me to pursue a music career in India. So I suppose even though I've already left T.L.R. far behind and am on my way into the next phase in life (not dead yet!), it was definitely the launchpad for DJ/producer Su Real.

    2. Tell us about your recent track with Reggae Rajahs!

    Well, the Rajahs are my bro's for a long time. Actually they used to throw some of the first parties at the aforementioned T.L.R. They've always impressed me with the passion and energy and it's been awesome seeing them grow and develop over the years as artists and performers. It was my goal to improve my production more and more until they were down to do a track. We both love the Pune venue High Spirits and have both played there countless times, so as I was working on that it was natural to reach out to them. Luckily they liked the beat and the idea and they delivered pure liquid gold, silky smooth lyrics & melodies. Looking forward to more collabo's with them in the future and more bigger & better tings for the dancehall/bashment sound in India.

    3. Walk us through your latest video COBRA and working with the BC one all stars

    Another little-big break for me! I was super excited when I received the phone call because it was a total surprise. Basically the BC One All Stars another cool initiative by Red Bull that pushes breakdancing and b-boy culture around the world. They were flying into India 3 of the top b-boys, Taisuke, Hong 10 and young legend Roxrite for a couple of cypher events and workshops... So I guess they figured let's make a music video featuring music by an Indian artist. While they were discussing the music, i guess my recent album Trapistan got thrown into the mix and they decided to use the track "Cobra" as representative of where hip hop , bass and dance culture is headed in India. I was just super honored to be picked amidst a lot of the great music coming out of India these days, independent and commercial. I flew out to Mumbai to check out the shoot in a huge warehouse with a massive lighting rig; and it was awesome to meet and see the b-boys at work. The director - Hauderali Amir from Jugaadu - was super nice and encouraged me to be a part of the video. Seeing the finished result is incredible, big up Red Bull India for their continued support and exposing India to new & varied ways to express yourself!

    4. What can the crowd expect when they come to your party?

    As they say, "ain't nuthin' but a party y'all "... I mix it all up in a straight ahead effort to make you dance. Old school , new school, jump across genres but keep it hood. But my job isn't done until the people are moving and everyone is having a good time. I'm flexible, if something isn't working, we switch it up... In fact, even if it's working, I'm gonna switch it up. That's what bashment is all about, jump from track to track til the people are jumping! But no doubt I got a few tricks up my sleeve ;)